Visible Legacy Script Tag


  • Add-in Script Tag adds features to your TTO site
  • Sidebar "View in Visible Legacy" goes to the right map
  • Main page "View Related" adds list of related technologies
  • Easy one line of code for your Inteum Admin
  • Can be added to other TTO systems
  • Links back to your TTO page to help the user find the respective licensing manager.


Visible Legacy reads the feeds of over a hundred research universities and snaps these inventions into our knowledge graph and like them to the people, grants, papers, organizations, and patents that give you the "context" to quickly understand and navigate the development ecosystem. Each invention can be linked to your Technology Transfer website to allow your users to see the context of inventions and find a portfolio faster. Aimed at University Technology Transfer Offices, the Script Tag family is an easy way to add features and help your potential licensee users.

The script tags are an html line of code that uses the Title of the invention to construct a link in your page to the Visible Legacy Navigator page for that exact topic.

We add a link in the Navigator Detail page directly back to your TTO page so the potential licensee can find your licensing manager easily and quickly.

Sidebar Script Tag for Inteum Technology Publisher

We read the feeds from the many research universities using the Minuet Technology Publisher from Inteum. All these technologies are snapped into our knowledge graph and linked to the development context behind the invention. The Inteum Administrator can easily add one line of code "script tag" to have a link "View in Visible Legacy" populated in the page for your user. This link will let your user jump to the invention in Visible Legacy Navigator to see context and find other relevant inventions and collaborators. Navigator pages then link back to Technology Publisher pages.

This html script tag detects the page ID and then fetches the respective topic link from our server and puts it in your page.

  <script id='visleg-widget-script'

If a topic does not exist in the Visible Legacy knowledge base no code will be inserted and the page will not be modified. There are other modes mentioned in our blog.

Combo Script Tag for Inteum Technology Publisher

We offer a script tag to have a block of links populated in the page for your user. This Combo Script Tag can fetch a group of related technologies to present right in the Technology Publisher page. The script can be set to fetch technologies related by inventor or by keywords. Use type=combo and you can select subtype=inventors or subtype=related.

Auto-Widget Script Tag for Inteum Technology Publisher

We offer a script tag to have a live, interactive widget populated in the page for your user. The widget shows the people, projects, organizations, and other inventions and helps your user find related technologies. The interactive graphic element keeps your user engaged with your site. Use type=widget and you can set height and width with usual style parameters.

Script Tags tailored for your TTO site

If you are using a system other than Minuet Technology Publisher, we can tailor a script tag to conform to your needs.

Get StartedLearn more about adding our free Script Tag varieties in our blog.

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