How it works for Research Funders


  • Plug in elements for websites let Grant Organizations add lists of related technologies and links to maps
  • Corporate Partnering and Ventures groups can use widgets and Navigator to rapidly communicate impact
  • Links and widgets to help PIs communicate to stakeholders can be easily added to Profiles
  • Maps, search results, and linked public content lets your potential collaborators and licensees see the context of an invention and find related technologies quickly
  • Navigator shows inventors, organizations, and similar projects for respective technologies. Navigator pages Link back to the TTO Technology Publisher site
  • Help your potential licensee understand the technology roadmap for upcoming technologies
  • Show the impact of funded research to stakeholders


Use Visible Legacy Navigator to communicate the context of available technologies and help research funders demonstrate the impact of research grants to stakeholders.

Visible Legacy compiles a "graph map of academic research" offered as an online information search and navigation web portal called Navigator. Aimed at industry technology licensing officers and corporate tech scouts, the map metaphor is faster than list search since it delivers pre-conneced relevant data (it literally connects the dots).

People and projects are presented in a connected network surrounded by the context of organizations, grants, published works, patents, innovations, news. Interactive timelines, keywords, and summaries work with the map to allow users to search, filter and explore the ecosystem, browse conveniently linked online documents, and find innovations and collaborators that fit their strategic needs.

Navigator is offered free to users through the support of sponsors interested in accelerating the translation of university research to industry.

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Government Research Funders

Many Research Funders such as NIH and NSF publish an RSS Feed of grants made to universities. Visible Legacy can read these feeds and snap the inventions into our knowledge graph and link them to the people, inventions, papers, organizations and patents that give stakeholders the "context" to quickly universtand the impact of the funding on the development ecosystem.

We offer "script tags" that let your your stakeholder website developer easily add links to the respective maps in Navigator and we link back. This allows your stakeholder to quickly see the context of the invention and follow their interest to understand impact and the future direction of research.

We have another script tag option that adds an interactive widget of related technologies right into your website. These maps let your user navigate around within your site and keep them on your site longer to find a larger portfolio of interest.

For top-level display, you can add a large map of all grants made and let your user navigate by organization.

Corporate Research Funders

As University revenue from Corporate Partnerships grow, Visible Navigator can be a visual and interactive tool to communicate the ecosystem surrounding new technologies. Navigator presents the process of innovation over time and shows the collaboration of people and prior success. Your Corporate Partnering team can create targeted widgets to show maps around Departments, Centers, or keywords.

Academic Profiles

Visible Legacy captures the public information from faculty profiles. Your Faculty Profiles website developer can easily add a technologies list or interactive widget to the profile template. This gives potential stakeholders and collaborators the context of a PIs work to speed the discussions of fit.

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