Navigator datasheet June, 2018 Navigator datasheet June, 2018
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Datasheet for Visible Legacy Navigator

[Update June 2018} We have updated our two-page datasheet describing the Visible Legacy Navigator portal. The datasheet is viewable online or available for download.


Visible Legacy is a “graph map of academic research” offered as an online information search and navigation web portal called Navigator™. Aimed at industry tech scouts, the map metaphor is faster than list search since it delivers pre-connected relevant data (literally connects the dots).

  • Powerful search delivers pre-linked results presented in maps, lists, and timelines
  • Interactive maps networks of collaborators
  • Maps show context of projects and organizations
  • Direct links to online papers, patents and news
  • Timeline shows historical perspective
  • Overview and Detail View options
  • Navigate to find the “in between” data
  • Free interactive online portal, register to save favorites

People and projects are presented in a connected "graph" surrounded by the context of organizations, published works, patents and innovations. Interactive timelines, keywords, and summaries work with the map to allow users to search, filter and explore the ecosystem, browse conveniently linked online documents, and find innovations and collaborators that fit their strategic needs.

Expanding the Horizons

We have proven our portal within the Stanford University ecosystem. We are now expanding the horizons to cover the top 25 research universities. 

Download the datasheet for a summary of Navigator Features, Technology, Horizons, and more.


Try Navigator. Click through the Help screen when ready. Navigator Demo.