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Creating an interactive online map of academic innovations to speed scouting for technology and collaborators.

Step 1: Search

Start by searching across academic innovations.  You can quickly search by people’s names, projects, and keywords.

Step 2: Explore

Use Navigator’s powerful interactive navigation to quickly explore relationships within your selected interest.  Easily identify the best technology fit and innovations in your field.

Step 3: Connect

Drill into any person, project, or organization to reveal background, publications, technology licenses, patents, web links, and related connections. 

To quickly search for SARS-CoV-2 response please see this new post on Advanced Search for COVID-19 technologies .

Connecting Technology Scouts to Breakthrough Innovations

Visible Legacy's mission is to speed the translation of academic research into real-world solutions. Our proprietary machine intelligence algorithms gather information from the public academic websites and our website presents it to Technology Scouts in an online interactive portal called Visible Legacy Navigator. Navigator lets users follow the story of innovation, making connections more quickly to resources and knowledge, helping Technology Scouts find suitable technology and expert teams faster.  More about us.


Navigator shows the network of collaborators and how they are related by projects and by organizations. The online interactive website offers a map view, a detail view, filtering, search. The map enables you to browse from node to node following your inquiry and explore the "in between" information that offers context to help you make sense of innovations. The rich data offers you the opportunity to explore around the news and find the perfect fit. Explore Navigator.

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For innovators, departments, and academic licensing organizations we offer map widgets and advance search functionality which may be added to your website to help you communicate emerging innovations and the context to help your audience understand the impact. Read more.


Featured Labs and Innovations *

Follow the signposts to recent innovation news from top research universities. We add links to Visible Legacy Navigator to contribute context visually.

* We will add new academic centers from the top 25 research universities here as they come online.

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Use Everywhere to Communicate Innovation

If you are a technology transfer professional, news service or department administrator responsible for communicating emerging innovations to industry, Visible Legacy elements can be used in your website to speed sharing and understanding of your content.

Licensing Officer
Visible Legacy Widgets let my Office of Technology Licensing communicate our innovations to industry.  Adding the visual and interactive elements in our web page lets users find related innovations faster.
News Publisher
Readers of my News Service can use Visible Legacy Search to find experts faster and learn about the other researchers and innovations around the story.
University Professor
As Department Chair, Visible Legacy lets me communicate our new innovations to our industrial partners. I can also use the maps to connect the dots for our research funders, showing the results of grants and what the laboratories are known for.

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