(Image credit: Stanford University) (Image credit: Stanford University)
  • Written by  Will Snow

Find emerging COVID-19 technologies faster using Visible Legacy Advanced Search

In a previous blog post we discussed a new technology licensing framework developed by Stanford University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-signed by a number of other research universities. In this post we will look at how to search in the Visible Legacy knowledge base for emerging technologies from a wide range of universities by entering your search terms into Visible Legacy Advanced Search.

Visible Legacy Navigator and Advanced Search

Visible Legacy is a “graph map of academic research” offered as an online information search and navigation web portal called Navigator™. Aimed at industry Tech Scouts, the map metaphor is faster than a list of search results since it delivers pre-connected relevant data, essentially connecting the dots, to present large amounts of information for each query. Our Visible Legacy Navigator website presents this information in an interactive portal. The Advanced Search gives you more control about search terms, keywords, sources and dates to help you find your fit faster.

To find the Advanced Search panel, select "ADV SEARCH" from the Main Menu. The Advanced Search page gives you fields to enter search terms and keywords.

For example, to address the global COVID-19 pandemic you may be searching for recent research and available technologies from grant-funded universities. You may have a set of specific keywords that you would like to match with keywords in the published works. Keywords are matched verbatim. For this example we will use: 2019-nCoV, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, HCoV-2019, hcov, NCOVID-19, coronavirus.

You may also want to add free text search terms to be relevant. Text is searched within the Titles and/or Descriptions and includes a more fuzzy search algorithm for wider results.  For this example we will use: Wuhan, China, severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Follow the link below to see what the results would look like in Visible Legacy Navigator and then the video will show how this query was built.

Screencast Video


The Advanced Search can handle a large number of keywords. Try one with all these as keywords in the "match all" field: Development disease Oncology angiogenesis tumor Technology imaging image G Radiology University detection researchers breast radiation in vivo disadvantaged medical magnetic resonance magnetic patients techniques molecular mortality clinical response lead research diagnosis Science public health who heart role instrumentation bioengineering health American death Accounting cancer treatment cause of death morbidity next generation today training PhD radiation oncology systems biology biology cancer detection nanotechnology funding mission multidisciplinary vision molecular imaging cancer research MR imaging Basic Science ethics Image guided Biostatistics peer NIH Cancer Imaging mentorship clinical application clinical translation Journals informatics Advanced Instrumentation Meetings biomedical informatics American Cancer Society Mentors Recruit public health relevance medical ethics

There is also a Help page.