Foundation sponsored research and impact in Stanford Schnitzer Group
  • Written by  Will Snow

Foundation sponsored research and impact in Stanford Schnitzer Group

Foundation-sponsored research in an interdisciplinary academic ecosystem leads to impactful outputs of innovations and new companies. This screencast walks through an example centered on the Mark Schnitzer Group at Stanford University. 

Visible Legacy Navigator

Visible Legacy is a “graph map of academic research” offered as an online information search and navigation web portal called Navigator™. Aimed at industry Tech Scouts, the map metaphor is faster than a list of search results since it delivers pre-connected relevant data, essentially connecting the dots, to present large amounts of information for each query. Our Visible Legacy Navigator website presents this information in an interactive portal as shown in a previous blog.

Visible Legacy maps the progress and outputs of collaborations: research papers, keywords, inventions, patents, follow-on projects. These outputs show the context around innovations to help grantees distribute research for technology transfer. Navigator also allows stakeholders of Foundations trace the impacts of sponsored research as described in our recent Position Paper.

This screencast uses VL Navigator to show how early funding from the Coulter Foundation to the Mark Schnitzer Lab at Stanford University encouraged funding from Packard Foundation and HHMI and drew grants from NIH and collaboration from other faculty. The impact can be measured in ongoing NIH funding, papers, innovation disclosures, patents, and even grad students successfully becoming faculty or CEOs of new companies. Shown in this map is the context behind the development of Zebra Medical, Circuit Therapeutics, and Inscopix.

Screencast Video

We advocate using visual content to enhance your collaborative communications in support of university research grantees. These context metrics inspire future quantitative features in Visible Legacy Navigator for Foundation communicators and we want your feedback.

If you would like to use Navigator to explore the topics in the video they are listed below:

  • Coulter Foundation projects map. 
  • Packard Foundation Fellows list detail. Click "Members" node. 
  • HHMI Investigators and Scientists list detail. Click "Members" node. 
  • NIH grants can be searched using Advanced Search. This search for example is for the latest grants to the Schnitzer Group.
  • Dr Scott Delp is a repeat collaborator. See the Delp Group map or detail page. Some users like the map better, some the detail page. Which do you like best?
  • TechFinder is the OTL website describing released inventions. For example, there is a Navigator page for Dr Schnitzer's latest invention or you can follow the link directly to the Techfinder page.
  • Zebra Medical similarly has a Navigator page or you can follow the link directly to Zebra's website.