Canberra IP and VL Navigator work together to facilitate finding University available technologies
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Canberra IP and VL Navigator work together to facilitate finding University available technologies


The Canberra IP website is a powerful portal from Inteum that combines the available technology feeds from a broad swath of universities, and now links to Visible Legacy Navigator. In the video below we show how you can augment your Canberra IP workflow with tools in VL Navigator to Search, Navigate, and Connect with context to facilitate and speed your communication with a university licensing office and inventors.

We previously listed some of the Universities using Inteum Technology Publisher to display available technologies from academic research to Tech Scouts and Industry Licensing professionals. Technology Publisher's consistant RSS feed allows Visible Legacy to add these available technologies and connect them to our knowledge map to offer the context of development in terms of grant history, timing and track record of collaborations, related technologies, papers and patents. Inteum has integrated links to Navigator in the Canberra IP website technology pages.

What you’ll lean in this 6-minute overview of the two products in action:

Canberra Steps

  • Keyword facet and free text search
  • Choose a Technology and find the “View in Visible Legacy” link

Navigator Steps

  • Follow link to a map of that University's available technologies
  • Use the map to explore the university available technologies from the top PIs
  • Review the Key to Navigator node types: People, Projects, Orgs, Technologies, relationships. In later maps you’ll also see papers, patents, news
  • Use Navigator to set up a Search for your Technology of interest
  • Navigate around the investigators in time and different collaborations to get the context of the Technology
  • See related Technologies that might be a better fit

The VL Navigator page for the Technology will lead you to the PIs and University Licensing Office disclosure page and/or back to Canberra IP

Screencast Video

Canberra IP from Inteum and Navigator from Visible Legacy team up to facilitate and speed your communication with the university licensing office and inventors to translate academic research into global solutions.

Try it in Canberra IP.