Add Visible Legacy Widgets to your site

The Visible Legacy "Widget" is a compact, embeddable version of the interactive Visible Legacy map and timeline. The widget view is useful to show the context of a topic within websites for Licensing Office technology pages, Departmental or Profile pages, and News sites. Roll your mouse over it!  Everything is clickable and gives your users direct links to relevant websites to explore.

Each Widget links to the respective full-page view of the topic in Visible Legacy Navigator by clicking the "Open map in Visible Legacy" button. The larger map will help your user easily navigate to other relevant pages on your site. Open the Timeline button to see related projects over time. Visit Getting to Know Visible Legacy Widgets to learn more.

How to use Visible Legacy Widgets

The widget version can be easily inserted into web pages and sized with embed code. See our Documentation Page for more.

Other elements for your web page

Our search box is also an embeddable element. See the Search Box Page for more.


Visible Legacy Widgets can be added to your site and linked to your innovators.