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Communicate the Impact of Your Sponsored Research

Foundation communications goes far beyond an annual report or the occasional press release about grantees. Funders are thinking of communications as a fully integrated part of grantmaking strategy. Communications can help grantees and programs connect effectively with licensees, decision makers, donors, peers, the press, and other stakeholders. And that means greater impact.

Visible Legacy landing pages help my Foundation communications office communicate the impact of our grants to our stakeholders. The maps let users follow the story of grants to labs yielding outputs in terms of news, patents, and new companies. Adding the visual and interactive elements into our own news pages lets users see the breadth of our grants and synergy of our strategy.

Visible Legacy maps connect the dots between university research and industrial affiliates.  We can show the impact of our sponsored research and the pedigree of innovations going into new products. We can build our brand while showing end-users where our funding is leading toward new solutions for global problems.

Major government initiatives engender the collaboration of multiple universities and research centers. Visible Legacy landing pages let my Communications Office demonstrate the breadth of participation in our program and the promise of powerful multidisciplinary research.

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