Stanford SoE Affiliates Programs photo credit: Will Snow
  • Written by  Will Snow

Stanford SoE Affiliates Programs

We've made a list to help Tech Scouts find Stanford Affiliates Programs.

We wrote recently about the impact of industrial affiliates funding academic research. To help Tech Scouts who want to keep an eye on the outputs and innovations from these organizations and programs, here is a list of what we have mapped around Stanford School of Engineering (SoE) SystemX as of March 2019.  We will continuously add more details about context and metrics.

As mentioned in the linked article, the Stanford Center for Integrated Systems (CIS) was the beginning of Industrial Affiliate programs at Stanford.  CIS is now re-branded as "Stanford SystemX" so that is a good first example to check out. In the following list the "VL Navigator" link opens our map in a new tab. The "Affiliates Page" link takes you directly to Stanford's affiliates page for that group.

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