New Book "The Sound of Innovation" by Andrew Nelson


Andrew Nelson is a thought leader in entrepreneurship, diffusion of technology innovations, and commercialization of University Research. He profoundly influenced Visible Legacy as we got started while he was completing his PhD at Stanford University. Dr Nelson is now Associate Professor of Management at the University of Oregon. Of interest to industry Tech Scouts, he authored a book in 2014 "Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise" with Tom Byers and Richard Dorf.  

Dr Nelson has just released a new book "The Sound of Innovation: Stanford and the Computer Music Revolution" which documents the influence of the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (open in Navigator) and its influence on digital audio synthesis and music technology worldwide. This should be a good read for anyone interested in the process of multidisciplinary innovation and technology translation to industry.

Visible Legacy Navigator will be showing links to Amazon Author Profiles as we add them to help users quickly find more context for new innovations. Here is a link to Dr Nelson's, for example, where you can find both of the above-mentioned books:

We will post a list of Author Profiles as they become available.