The founders of Visible Legacy are an experienced team who have collaborated on multiple successful startup companies.

Scott Van Duyne
Scott Van Duyne. Scott is a Stanford PhD, founder of Staccato Systems acquired by Analog Devices, and an expert in algorithmic synthesis.
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Will Snow
Will Snow. Will is a Stanford graduate, with Silicon Valley experience and GM at Staccato Systems, known for seeing trends early.
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The team members of Visible Legacy have contributed talent and creativity to the Visible Legacy site you see today.

Tommy Van Duyne
Tommy Van Duyne. Tom is a graduate of Wheaton College and is now an experienced full stack software developer who as an intern has contributed greatly to the evolution of the VL backend and elegantly to the design and construction of the front end.
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Content Team
Content Team. The content team has contributed workflow development for gathering of public data content for individuals, strategies for bulk scrapes, and testing of snapping tools and techniques. The content team continues light curation needed for entity disambiguation.
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Team Visible Legacy Widget

This widget is centered on the Design and Development of Visible Legacy. It offers the context of the collaboration of the founders leading to Visible Legacy.

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