Innovation News chosen by Visible Legacy. Reprinted here with our links to the participants in Navigator.

(Image credit: Johns Hopkins University) (Image credit: Johns Hopkins University)

Researchers find superconducting material that could someday power quantum computers

The material naturally exists between two states, a finding that could pave the way for more complex computing in the future. Quantum computers with the ability to perform complex calculations, encrypt data more securely, and more quickly predict the spread of viruses may be within closer reach thanks to a discovery by Johns Hopkins researchers.
(Image credit: University of Colorado) (Image credit: University of Colorado)

Driving Revolutionary Advances in Cancer Treatment

Though newly approved for treatment of multiple myeloma, CAR T-cell therapy has, over the past few years, created new hope for patients with blood cancers. Researchers are now reviewing its effectiveness in treating solid tumors and brain tumors as well. Armed with the expertise and equipment to conduct numerous clinical trials involving CAR T-cells, the CU Cancer Center is one of the institutions on…
(Image credit: Yichao Zhao and Zhaoqing Wang/UCLA) (Image credit: Yichao Zhao and Zhaoqing Wang/UCLA)

DNA Barcoding Advances Programmable Nanoparticle Self-Assembly

The Princeton University Department of Chemistry’s Yang Lab publishes research on the first sorting technology that distinguishes nanoparticles through the mechanism of Watson-Crick digital recognition, thus enabling a new range of molecule-like building blocks.
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