Add Visible Legacy Widgets to your page

The Visible Legacy "Widget" is a compact, embeddable version of our interactive map and timeline (Fig 1). The information shown in the maps and linked lists is curated automatically from various public online sources.  You don't need to enter or maintain data in Visible Legacy.

The widget view is useful to show the context of a topic within web pages for Licensing Office available technology pages, academic profile pages, or News sites. Roll your mouse over it!  Everything is clickable and gives your users direct links to relevant websites to explore. Open the Timeline button to see related projects and context over time. Visit Getting to Know Visible Legacy Widgets to learn more and see a video with the widget in action.

Each Widget links to the respective full-page view of the topic in Visible Legacy Navigator by clicking the "Open map in Visible Legacy" button. The larger map will help your user more easily search, filter, explore and navigate back to other relevant pages on your site.


Easy to add Widgets to your Technology Publisher

The Widget is keyed to your topic ID and can be easily inserted into web pages and sized with embed code. Please see Figure 2 where the widget is at the bottom.

Related Topics box (coming soon)

We will offer a widget option that inserts a text-based list of related technologies instead of the graph map. The links in the list go to pages on your site to keep your potential licensees engaged with your site.

For Inteum Minuet users

Visible Legacy is pre-mapping RSS feeds to make it easier to implement widgets. See more in our blog post.

Please contact us directly for technical support.


Figure 1 (above). Visible Legacy Widgets can be added to your site with a simple script. The Widget topic is centered around the disclosure ID.

Figure 2 (below). The corresponding widget will be included in each disclosure page by ID as in this Inteum Demo website: