Show what you're known for

The Visible Legacy Navigator presents the timeline of innovation through the collaboration of organizations of people working on projects. Use Navigator maps (Fig 1) and detailed profiles (Fig 2) to show what you and your organization is known for. You can link to your map or detail pages by URL (Fig 3), or you can embed the map right in your page.

Automatically collected and organized

The information shown in the maps and lists is curated automatically from public online sources. You don't need to enter or maintain data in Visible Legacy.

Claim your page

If you are in the map, you can "claim your page" to select featured works and website destinations for Visible Legacy Navigator to collect. Learn how to Claim your Page.

We'll expedite including your sources

If you are not already in our knowledge map, please feel free to contact us to expedite adding your sources to our collection engine. For a limited time we're expediting researchers and labs in the academic research community. If you have an academic profile or ORCID page please use the Contact Us form with "add me" in the subject.



Figure 1 (above). The Visible Legacy Navigator page shows the context of people, projects and featured works to visualize collaborations over time. The image above is the "map" page found by clicking the View Map button.

Figure 2 (below). The image below is the "detail" page found by clicking the More Info button. These can be centered on a researcher or an organization such as a lab.

Figure 3 (below). You can easily include the link to Visible Legacy Navigator in your web page such as in this live example Stanford ademic profile: